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Frequently Ask Questions.

Here we have listed some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our customers. If you have a question about our services which is not listed here, then please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

Rekeying locks is usually cheaper than replacing them, as it involves changing the lock mechanism to work with a new key, rather than installing entirely new locks

Rekeying locks requires special tools and skills, so it’s best left to professional locksmiths to ensure it’s done correctly and your locks remain secure.

The cost to unlock a lock varies depending on factors like the type of lock, time of day, and locksmith. Please feel free to contact us to get free quote.

Changing a door lock typically depends on the type of lock and whether additional work like drilling is required. High-security locks cost more. Please feel free to contact us.

Extracting a broken key from a lock usually costs similar to a basic lockout service call. The locksmith may need to pick the lock or use special tools.

If locked out, stay calm and call a professional local locksmith who offers 24/7 emergency lockout services. Avoid damaging your locks or doors trying to get in.

Skilled locksmiths can open most standard locks. However, some high-security or specialty locks may pose challenges or require replacement if a key is lost.

While skilled locksmiths can open a wide variety of locks, some high-security or malfunctioning locks may not be openable and require replacement or repair.

Locksmiths use techniques like lock picking, bumping, and bypass tools to manipulate lock mechanisms and open doors without keys. Methods vary based on the lock type.

Leaving a key in a lock can prevent the door from being opened from the outside, but it poses a fire safety risk. It’s generally safer to remove keys.

Leaving a key in a lock can prevent the door from being opened from the outside, but it poses a fire safety risk. It’s generally safer to remove keys.

If a key is left in the lock on the other side, the door often cannot be unlocked with another key. A locksmith may be able to manipulate the lock to open it.

Locksmiths can extract broken keys from locks using special tools like key extractors, picks, or pliers. Avoid trying to remove it yourself and causing more damage.

Yes, locksmiths can unlock most standard deadbolts using picking or bypass techniques. High-security deadbolts may pose more of a challenge.

Skilled locksmiths can often open doors without drilling the lock by using non-destructive methods like picking or bypassing the locking mechanism.

Locksmiths can often open key fob operated doors by bypassing the electronic lock mechanism. They may also be able to replace lost or damaged key fobs.

Hiring a professional locksmith is often worth the cost, as they have the expertise to quickly and safely resolve lock issues without causing damage.

If you’ve locked your keys in your car, call an automotive locksmith who can unlock the vehicle door without damaging the lock or door. They use specialized tools to access the locking mechanism.

When you call a locksmith, be prepared to describe your issue and location. The locksmith will give an estimated arrival time and price. Upon arrival, they’ll assess the situation and work to resolve your lock problem.

Call a locksmith if you’re locked out, have a broken key, damaged lock, lost keys, or need lock rekeying or replacement. Locksmiths handle a variety of security issues.

Yes, locksmiths can rekey most Schlage locks to work with a new key. The process involves reconfiguring the lock cylinder pins to match a different key code.

Locksmiths use a variety of tools including lock picks, tension wrenches, key extractors, bypass tools, key cutting machines, and specialty equipment for specific lock types.

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